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Yahoo Autos — SEMA Car Show

Las Vegas, NV

In 2013, we visited the SEMA car show at the Las Vegas Convention Center to do a little event photography for Yahoo Autos. We spent two whirlwind days checking out custom cars from all over the U.S. and previewing new models from all the major car manufacturers. The final product was a slideshow for the Yahoo site with photos and captions. We may or may not have come home with a lust for vintage Corvettes.

Project Details

Date November 2013
Skills Photography, reporting, caption writing
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I have known Tami for decades, and in that time I have yet to meet someone who combines drive and creativity in such doses. Tami gets that no project can succeed without a strong concept from the start, and that no strong concept comes to life without the wherewithal to make it a reality.
Justin Hyde
Justin Hyde
Vice President of Corporate
Affairs, Edelman


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