Jersey City, NJ

Van Reipen Counseling and Psychological Services is a truly visionary VR-based counseling practice in Jersey City, NJ. We helped the VRCAPS team create a clean, welcoming starter site to promote their new office, with an eye toward expansion as their services evolve. We look forward to a continued relationship with the VRCAPS team as they revolutionize the therapy world.

Project Details

Date June 2017
Skills Logo design, content strategy, website design

Tami and Kathy are total pros and it shows in their design, their process, and most importantly ‐ the product. When our business was just getting on its feet, the website they developed was our crutch and proof in my industry that we meant business. Very patient yet knowing when to take the wheel, they were able to create a design that my partners and myself were able to manage and modify at will — and even then Tami was always available to answer questions and take the reins for any major changes or updates. It is a comfort as well as a sense of pride at our good judgment to be able to work with Tami and Kathy.
Kane Tung
Kane Tung
Founder, Van Reipen
Counseling and
Psychological Services


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