• Server Configuration Audit & Recommendations
  • Gzip Compression
  • Caching Setup & Configuration
  • Browser Caching
  • Deferred/Async Loading of Javascript/CSS
  • CSS/Javascript Optimization
  • Minification of CSS/HTML/Javascript (if applicable)
  • CDN Setup & Configuration
* Due to the wide variance in the number of images included on websites, we do not include image optimization as part of this package. However, we are available to do image optimization work for $125/hour. ** Hosting transfers are not included in this estimate, but if your site would benefit from moving to a more robust host, we would be happy to move your site over to our recommended host, Cloudways, for just $225. (Hosting cost not included. Managed WordPress hosting with Undeniable is also available – please see TBD.) *** Please note that we cannot guarantee a 100/100 score in Google Search Console. Third party scripts – for example those required for Google Fonts or Facebook Pixels – follow their own rules for browser caching, and we cannot control this aspect of the score. If you choose to stay with a host that does not have an optimal server response time, we cannot affect this metric. **** A specific loading speed cannot be guaranteed, but our aim is to get all site pages loading in 3 seconds or less. Long-term results cannot be guaranteed if you do not have an ongoing site maintenance plan with Undeniable.

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