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Recommended Reading: Homepage Designs that Skip the Slider

Today marks the first day of Tami’s series of articles for Elegant Marketplace — she will be writing about website design there on an ongoing basis. First up: a roundup of homepage ideas that forego the standard carousel-style slider that has become so omnipresent in current design. Check it out!

Tami will be writing for Elegant Marketplace once or twice a month and is super excited to have a forum for writing about design. She’ll be covering topics including design trends, best practices and the history of web design. (She’s currently penning her chef d’oeuvre, a historical survey of web design trends since the beginning of internet history.)

Tami Heaton

Tami Heaton is an award-winning web content and branding strategist who lives in St. Louis, MO. A longtime corporate media consultant, Tami has worked with Disney Online, The SCI FI Channel, The Village Voice, MTV, VH1, Nicktoons Network and Rosie O’Donnell, among others. She has been working with small businesses to maximize their impact online since 2013.

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